Need for Revenue in News Organizations

As print advertising revenue declines, news organizations must look to new ways to drive sales. Online display advertising can replace some of lost revenue, but other online media such as search engine marketing, sponsored Webcasts and paid seminars also must be considered. There are also many off-line revenue sources.
New revenue streams are being developed in areas such as local advertising, information services, demographic editions and alternative ways to produce the news, such as audio, video and mobile devices. I think that news organizations should be open to public donations of money. Some people say that the government should help out in some way, but if they get involved, it would defeat the whole purpose of the first amendment. They would then try to control what journalist or broadcasters put in their stories or wold get punished for certain things they said.


Majoring in Public Relations

I am a sophmore at Western Kenucky University and am majoring in public relations. I have always liked being around well-known people or celebrities and thought being the person to make them or a business have a good reputation would be just the ticket for me. Public relations is the strategic management of communication and relationships between organizations and the publics. Being in this major, you have to like to write, have very good oranization, like to keep a fast pace with everything, and like to speak out. So far, taking classes for it at WKU, I’ve learnd quite a bit in different classes. I’ve learned about all the written, verbal, and visual elements that go into effective public relations. Ive also beentaught how to write a press release and how to handle media attention on the client’s behalf and just began how to publish news aritcles in my media writing class.In this class, elect/tech/journalism, I’m learning how to design effective promotional ads, broadcast media, and videography. I hope to soon apply for an internship to help broaden my experience in this feild.

8 Must-Have Traits of Tomorrow’s Journalist

I think that the basic skills that journalist have naturally, like good writing skills, the ability to go out and get the news and ethics, just to name a few, are very important to have and should always be a top trait that a journalist should have whether they are writing online or for print. Now with journalism moving forward to online and other forms of media, journalist are having to acquire more skills and the gain the ability to use them. The traits that were named in the article were, to be entrepreneurial and business savy, to be a programmer, be an open-minded experimenter, be a media story teller, be a community builder, to blog, be multi-skilled and have the fundamentals to be a journalist which I named earlier. These traits are required to be successful these days to be a journalist. I think just a good knowledge of the internet and how to use different applications and knowing where and how to find things and use it via the internet is also a good trait to have. I think that the most important trait to have out of the eight that were named is to be multi-skilled. You should know how to set up a blog website and use it, edit videos, write good stories etc. There are a ton of other traits that could be added to this list, but the eight that were named are just some of the most important.

Is Digital Print Worse for the Enviornment than print?

I have recently read a blog posted byDong Garli concerning the environment and whether print media is worse than digital media. He says that By using paper to print your email or by receiving paper bills you are knowingly degrading the environment, destroying forests and killing. Digital media is the environmentally preferable choice and that print media is the environmentally destructive choice. He thinks it is possible that digital media could be more destructive to the environment and a greater threat to trees, bees, rivers and forests in the United States than printing. There is growing recognition that digital media technology uses huge amounts of energy from coal fired power plants which are making a significant contribution to global warming which is usually mountain top coal miing. That is where they will blow off the tops of mountains to retrive the coal. Digital media doesn’t grow on trees, but increased use of digital media is having a profoundly negative impact on our forests and the health of our rivers. Computers, cellular networks and data centers are connected to the destruction of forest across the United States. People are also throwing away cell phone batteries and things that should not be in our everyday trash. It causes harm to our enviornment. I have always thought that print media has been the less eco-friendly way to view the news, but after reading this blog post and seeing the ways that digital media is harming us and our enviornment, I am kind of scared to see how the future will play out due to the increasing amount of technology.

Dave Winer On Reinventing Journalism

I have recently read an article written by Dave Winer on his thoughts about the future of journalism. He feels as though journalism, today, is a new beginning for young ambitious people to take off with journalism and invent new ideas. Obviously, there are already print newspapers, magazines, online news, but now the i-phone and i-pad. Anyone can publish anything they want no matter where they are at. This is just the beginning of journalism- bigger and better things are in the making. I think that although this is great and he is teaching students this new way of publishing, there needs to be more in the making because in a few years, the i-pad will be old news and there will be something better. The i-phone has been out for years now and is already becoming something of the past. There will need to be new classes to be taught at universities. I am in a journalism class this semester that focuses just on writing for print newspapers. I don’t think that newspapers and magazines will ever be rid of anytime soon, but when the next generation comes around and our kid’s kids are getting the news, they wont be reliant on print news. It will be strictly electronic and print papers will be a thing of the past.

Viewing the news

Technology is increasing every day. We now are receiving news through many different electronic devices such as a cell phone, an RSS feed, etc. There are early adopters which are the people who use the latest technologies, an early majority which is the group of people who don’t want to be the first to adopt the technologies, the late majority which are the people who are kind of skeptical and wait until they see that most people are using the latest things and there are also the laggards who are the very last people to use the latest technologies. I think most of the world is up to date with receiving news electronically, but there are many people who just rely on print newspapers or a standard desktop computer. I can’t begin to imagine the kind of technology the future will have to receive news. The things that are still coming out continue to astonish me. Our generation is constantly having to adopt new ideas and learn how to view the media in different ways that make it easier on us.

Why Design Matters

I have recently read an article about why design matters at the website listed above. He gives reasons why design is so powerful in our world. When it comes down to accountants, retailers, doctors teachers etc., they are all designers in their field in some way or another. He says that design is strategic and quality alone is not enough. I completely agree with this article because design is a part of the products and the overall company. It is a very big part in our world, it should have an impact on people’s lives. As Tom Peter says in one of his books in his series, BrandYou50, “You do not need to be a designer-you do need to become more design sensitive or design mindful in this century.”